Implementation of Constitution must, says President

BHOJPUR: President Bidya Devi Bhandari said a successful implementation of the Constitution was imperative as this historic document institutionalised republicanism in the nation.

Inaugurating the golden jubilee of the Bhojpur Multiple Campus in the headquarters of her home district on Wednesday, the President said the nation had no any option than to implement the Constitution.

Stressing the need of quality education in the nation, Bhandari said universities and educational institutions needed to constitute academic curricula and calendars in a way to meet demands of the locality.

She was of the view that the devastating April 25 earthquake added challenges to the Nepali education sector and the concerned institutions had a responsibility to reconstruct the destroyed structures now.

The Head of the State said promotion of agriculture, water resources and forestry among various natural resources could develop the nation.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Sher Dhan Rai, said the Constitution institutionalised democracy and republicanism as it was promulgated by lawmakers elected from people.

The national charter has included sentiments and aspirations of people from mountains, hills and plains, the lawmaker from the district added.