In 21st century, Dalit farmer doesn't find any market to sell milk

BAJURA: The milk produced by Kumal farmers does not get market, in Barabis of Bajura district.

The market hub is just half hour away the community. However, people deny buying the milk produced by the Kumal farmers, as they are considered Dalits, the untouchables.

The traditional discrimination against Dalits has deprived dozens of Kumal people earn from their labour.

Most members of the Kumal community are involved in animal husbandry, but the ill treatment based on the superstitious belief has obstructed them from faring well in the business so far.

Local Ram BK informed that he has recently gave up buffalo farming as no one likes to buy milk from him.

Ram Bahadur Sunwar, Chairman of the District Dalit Network, informs that people in the district refuse to buy products produced by Dalit people.

The superstitious belief about restricting the low caste people from participating in social gatherings and public places is still prevalent in the society.

The resource of water is same. However, spouts are made different for Dalit people and menstruating women in the district.