Incessant rainfall wreaks havoc in Tarai

Sunsari, August 12

Heavy rainfall since yesterday night has inundated several parts of Tarai and displaced thousands of families.

Floods triggered by incessant rainfall have left Sunsari’s Dharan, Itahari, Inaruwa, Duhabi, Barah, among other places, flooded. Sardu and Khahare khola have swept away 14 houses in Dharan. More than 400 houses are under water in Itahari.

According to Sunsari DAO, Inaruwa, Haripur, Shreepur, Laukahi, Duhabi are under water. Continuous rain has disrupted power supply in Sunsari. The Nepali Army’s eastern divisional headquarters in Itahari has also been inundated. An NA chopper is being  used for rescue work since early morning.

Similarly, water level in the Saptakoshi River has crossed the danger mark. Water flow was gauged at 269,250 per cusec this evening.

Out of 56 sluice gates, 34 were opened and a red flag has been hoisted to signal danger. Floodwater from the Budhikhola gushed into human settlements and inundated more than 400 houses at Bauraha tole of Budhiganga Rural Municipality-2 in Morang. Flood in Bakraha Nunsari Khola has inundated dozens of houses at Majhi tole of Urlabari Municipality-8.

Similarly, flood triggered by incessant rainfall have inundated more than 600 houses of Ward No 4, 5, 6, 11 and 12 in Biratnagar metropolis.

Likewise, Ward No 5, 7, 8 and 9 of Ratuwamai Municipality are also under water. As many as 700 houses have been inundated in Morang after the flooded Bakraha Khola breached its embankment.

Flooding in Ratuwa, Kamal, Baniyani, Satshi, Kankai, Ninda, Mechi, among others, have inundated dozens of villages and displaced more than hundred families in Jhapa.

Plight of Siraha is not different. More than a dozen houses have come under water in the district. Inundation has hit life hard. The floodwater from Becho Khola gushed into Nirdana village of Siraha’s Kalyanpur and affected more than 100 houses. Siraha CDO Shreekrishna Shrestha said many houses in Golbazaar, Lahan, Sukhipur, among others, had been inundated.

Many settlements in Bara headquarters— Kalaiya, Simara, Jitpur, Nitanpur, Gadhimai, Simraungadh, Pathlaiya, Nijgadh, Kolhabi— have been inundated by the heavy rains. Flooding in Bhangra, Bhamara, Pasaha, Balganga and Dudhaura, have submerged majority of places in Bara.

Swollen Shreesiya khola has submerged a Dalit basti at Nitanpur of Jitpur Simara sub-metropolis-10. Dalit people are having a hard time after their houses were submerged.

Floodwater from Balganga khola, after breaching the dyke, inundated several houses in Sakhui, Shreepur, among other places, in Bara.

Swollen Labakaiya, Jhajh, Chandi, Gujara and Bagmati have inundated more than 70 per cent of land in Rautahat. More than 100 houses of Matsari, Pachrukhi, Saruatham Gangapipara, Bhalohiya have been inundated. The flood has also submerged several houses in Paroh Rural Municipality’s Basantpati and Inarwari, Ishnath Rural Municipality’s Banjaraha, Rajpur, Bairiya, Gadhimai, Bijayapur, among other places. Floodwaters have inundated many places of Garuda Municipality and Chandranigahapur Municipality.

Rautahat CDO Uddaw Bahadur Thapa said as many as 200 people were trapped in Dewahi village. Personnel of the Nepali Army, Nepal Police, and APF were dispatched with boats to rescue them, Thapa added.