Inclement weather affects regular flights from Bara


Regular flights to Kathmandu from Bara’s Simara airport were cancelled today due to unfavourable weather condition, leaving passengers in the lurch.

Simara airport was shrouded by heavy fog from early morning today, according to Simara Airport Office. More than 350 passengers were affected as flights were grounded.

Dhiraj Koirala of Nijgadh had arrived at the airport as early as 8:00am but had to return home.

“I was due to fly on Buddha Air flight at 9:20am today but I had to return home as the flight was cancelled due to the heavy fog that covered the airport from early morning,” lamented Koirala.

Shova Devi Nepal of Birgunj metropolis, Parsa, booked a bus ticket after her flight was cancelled.

“I was scheduled to fly at 12:20pm in the afternoon, but as the flight was cancelled I had to book a bus ticket,” said the octogenarian.

“I know my journey on a bus is going to be painful, but I have no option,” she added.

According to Simara Airport Office Information Officer and Deputy Manager Surendra Singh Kushawaha, there were eight flights scheduled from Simara today but all of them had to be cancelled.

“Normally, we need 2,400 metres visibility to operate flights, but there was zero visibility in the morning. The weather improved as the day passed but as the visibility was still short of the required level there was no way flights could be operated,” Kushawaha said.

There were five Buddha Air flights from Simara today, and 221 passengers had booked tickets for the flights.

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