‘Increase investment in madrasas’

Itahari, April 8

A two-day Muslim Educational Conference organised at Pakalmi in Sunsari district concluded today.

On the occasion, stakeholders and participants vented ire on the government for paying very little attention to uplifting the academic status of Muslim children despite the fact that the government invests billions in the education sector.

There are a total of 83 madrasas in Sunsari district. The government has been allocating Rs 50,000 to Rs 150,000 to each madrasa based on their capacity and number of students, but participants today said the amount was not enough to run madrasas and offer quality education to children.

The event held under the chair of Ibrahim Hussein was attended by lawmaker Jakur Hussein, Muslim religious leaders, and others.

During the programme, participants asked the government to increase funds for madrasas to ensure quality education for children of the Muslim community.