Increase role of local levels: NC

Kathmandu, April 21

The Nepali Congress election manifesto has called for increasing the role of local levels in line with the powers granted to them by the new constitution.

“The party wants to increase the role of local levels,” said former vice-chairman of the National Planning commission and advisor to the party’s Manifesto Preparation Committee Jagadish Chandra Pokhrel, adding that the manifesto would be made public in two to three days.

According to leader Pradip Paudel, the party is seeking greater powers for local levels to give continuity to the concept of local self governance introduced by the party after restoration of democracy in 1990. “We have yet to solve the issue of distribution of powers on the basis of revenue distribution among the centre, province and local level,” said Paudel, adding that a sub group led by former finance minister Ram Sharan Mahat is working on the issue.

Schedule 9 of the constitution has enumerated 15 concurrent powers of the federation, provinces and local levels. Cooperatives, education, sports and newspapers, health, agriculture and services like electricity, drinking water, royalty, service taxes, among others, fall under the concurrent powers.

“The manifesto has prioritised social security and infrastructure development. It also mentions the party’s guideline on managing resources,” said Paudel.