Indian defence team to arrive by September

Kathmandu, August 21:

A team of senior Indian Army officials doing their National Defence College course in New Delhi, will come here in the first week of September. The team is likely to consist of 20 Brigadier General level officers and is expected to meet the Royal Nepalese Army Chief of the Army Staff, senior government officials and officials of the Ministries of Defence and Home Affairs as well as those of the National Planning Commission. “It’s a part of a regular study tour, which the senior army officers doing the NDC course are supposed to cover in different countries, including Nepal,” officials told this daily. The purpose of the tour is to enhance the visting officers’ knowledge of foreign defence strategies. Normally, Brigadier Generals participate in NDC programme, but sometimes Major Generals, too, are included.

“The NDC organises such tours to enhance the officers’ knowledge of military tactics as part of higher military management studies,” added a defence official. The top level army officers undergo NDC course to understand geo-political affairs and global defence issues. The RNA officers also visit friendly countries, including Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom and United States to take the NDC course. Currently, Brigadier General Anil Jung Thapa is doing an NDC course in India. During the period, students also visit industrial areas and learn other important national, regional and global issues including issues relating to economy.RNA Chief of the Army Staff, General Pyar Jung Thapa did a similar course at the War College in the United States. His predecessor did a top-level course in India.