Indian diplomat urges New Delhi to recognise parties-Maoist pact

New Delhi, March 25:

An Indian expert on Nepal today urged the Indian government to legitimise the latest agreement reached between the seven-party alliance and the Maoists.

Speaking at an interaction titled ‘Monarchy heading towards crisis and Nepal’ organised by Indian experts on Nepal in New Delhi today, SD Munni said: “The Indian government has to legitimise the latest agreement between the seven party alliance and the Maoists.”

Most speakers at the interaction urged the Indian government to clarify its view on the democratic powers in Nepal.

“Only democracy can guarentee Nepal’s future. The USA, China, Pakistan and Russian are interested in Nepal’s affairs, but there has been no big political change in Nepal without the involvement of India.”

Speaking on the agreement between the Maoists and the seven-party alliance, former Indian ambassador to Nepal, Dev Mukharjee, said: “The agreement emphasises the end of autocratic monarchy, not the institution of monarchy.” “If the UN is ready to mediate in Nepal’s crisis, India, too, has to rethink its stand,” he said.

“Indian government’s policies on Nepal have been unsuccessful many times before,” said diplomat Jagat Mehata.

Cornel WM Bami said: “The Royal Nepalese Army (RNA) is winning its battle against the Maoists. The Maoists have been unable to capture district and regional headquarters and the RNA base camps.”

Former army officer Ashok Mehata said: “The attempts at legitimising the Kings’ steps, lack of rule of law and the decline of democratic values are worrisome.”