Indian security on in high alert in border areas

In an attempt to help Nepal foiling terrorist activities sponsored by the Maoist terrorists, Uttaranchal state of Indian government has deployed security personnel rampantly at border areas since the state suspected that terrorist activities could take place in border areas, too. Sources affiliated to Indian security body has said that apart from the border sides of Kanchanpur, Dadeldhura, Baitadi and Darchula districts of Nepal, security forces have also been deployed on the edge of Mahakali river with high alert. It is reported that Indian security forces have been deployed there because Maoists could pass the border swimming the river after carrying out terrorist activity in Nepal.Officials have stated that security forces are intensifying search at the boarder side of eastern part of Nepal like Banbasa, Tanakpur, Jhulaghant, Jauljibi, Baluwakot, Darchula and Indian forces have been also installed there.Indian security bodies have been raiding the rooms of the Nepalis students who have gone there to receive higher education at the cities like Pichauragadh, Kharima, Nainitel and Deharadun of India. Indian security personnel noted that the Indian forces are in high alert to resist entrancing Maoists to India and also alert so that entered Maoists could not commit any terrorist activity. He also noted that they are intensifying checking and raiding on the private nursing homes and private hospitals so that no Maoist can escape from India.