Secy accuses Province 2 minister of assault

Janakpurdham, January 13

Province 2 Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Ministry Secretary Bidhyanath Jha today accused the province’s Minister of Financial Affairs and Planning Minister Bijaya Kumar Yadav of beating him up after calling him to his room.

However, the minister has refuted the allegation and, in turn, accused the secretary of indecent behaviour. In fact, Jha was taken into police custody on the minister’s complaint, but was released in the evening since police didn’t know what action should be taken against him.

According to Jha, Yadav called him to his office.

“Because I refused to select the company that he wanted me to in the preliminary round of Micro-Enterprise Development Programme, he beat me up,” alleged the secretary.

The minister, on the other hand, refuted Jha’s allegation.

“I called him to my office to enquire about the selection process, but he flew off the handle and indulged in behaviour unbefitting his position in front of Speaker Saroj Kumar Raya Yadav and others present in my office,” alleged the minister.

Meanwhile, organisations left out of the list have expressed reservations against the secretary, alleging that most of the organisations that made it to the list were from outside the province. It is learnt that they complained against Jha to the Minister of Forests and Environment Ram Naresh Raya Yadav, alleging irregularities in the selection process.

When contacted, Ram Naresh Raya Yadav said he didn’t have full knowledge about the incident.

Earlier, Jha was transferred from Gandaki Province to Province 2 in September-October. His colleagues in the ministry have also complained against his modus operandi.

Dhanusha Chief District Officer Pradipraj Kandel said Jha was released following a health check-up. “After he alleged that he was beaten up by the minister, we got his health checked up in Janakpur Zonal Hospital to see whether he had any injuries before letting him go home,” said Kandel.

The provincial government has refrained from commenting on the incident.