Infertility up among women

Kavre, May 10

Laxmi Bajgain of Devitar in Banepa Municipality, Kavre, was married ten years ago, but she was unable to bear any child. She was in her late twenties when she married. When she went for a medical check-up recently, doctors diagnosed a problem in her uterus which they said had prevented her from getting pregnant. Now she is on medication.

“All these years I had been cursing myself for not being able to bear any kid, without knowing the disease in me. Now, doctors have diagnosed my problem and given me medicine, I hope I will be able to conceive soon,” said the 28-year-old, who has to toil in the field every day for her livelihood.

Similarly, Srijana Tamang, 30, does not have any children yet. She got married at the age of 13 but she hasn’t conceived all these years.

Thirty-two-year-old Saili Tamang and Thulimaya Tamang,  50, are the other women who are infertile till date. Over a dozen women are suffering from the problem of infertility in the village.

According to local Shesh Kumari Dahal, infertility among women has been a big problem in the village. “Earlier there were only one or two women who couldn’t conceive, but the number has increased these days. More cases of other uterus-related complications such as uterus prolapse and uterus cancer are becoming common,” she said. Health worker Raj Kumar Kafle attributed the rising cases of infertility and productive health-related problems to carelessness towards their health and excessive physical work despite health problems. “As women rarely bother to consult a doctor about their health complications in the earlier stages, they get worse and suffer from grave health problems,” he said.

Gynaecologist Dr Sumanraj Tamrakar of Dhulikhel Hosptial identified infection in the sex organs, fluctuation in hormone rate, irregularities in the monthly menstruation cycle and complication in the conduit carrying the ovum as major factors leading to infertility.