Inflation up in far-west region

Dhangadi, January 5

Market prices of daily essentials have yet to normalise although the goods have been supplied easily in the far-west region.

It is said local businessmen have doubled the prices of daily essentials after the blockade at border points started three months ago. Businessmen are selling goods at hiked prices even though supply to the region has eased.

National Consumers Forum, Kailali Chairman Hari Regmi said consumers were compelled to buy essentials at hiked prices. “Even big businessmen are cheating customers by creating artificial shortage of daily essentials,” he accused.

He said that black-marketing in the region had increased on the pretext of blockade and strikes.

The price of cooking oil has nearly doubled; the price of noodles has increased by Rs 10 to 15 per packet, rice costs Rs 10 to 15 more per kg, and price of sugar has gone up by Rs 20 to 40 per kg. Similarly, petrol, diesel and kerosene are also being sold at inflated prices openly.

Consumers complained that life-saving drugs have also become dearer.

Chairman of Consumer Forum Nepal, Doti Padam Singh Bom said that everywhere and for every item, there was black-marketing. “The regulating authority is mum and fake businessmen have been taking undue advantage of the situation,” he added.

He also said that prices vary from shop to shop.

Janakraj Sharma officer at District Administration Office, Doti accepted that market monitoring had been stopped for some time, but he assured that his office would begin it soon.

Likewise, Rajendra Prasad Sharma of Commerce Office, Dhangadi said that they were focusing on monitoring petrol pumps rather than market monitoring.

Meanwhile, Kailali Chief District Officer Mohan Sharma said market monitoring could not be launched in the district due to lack of manpower.