Initial study of ‘one house, one tap’ project concludes in Biratnagar metropolis

Biratnagar, January 30

Biratnagar metropolis is materialising its ‘one house, one tap’ campaign to make drinking water available to municipality dwellers.

The metropolis, in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency and Nepal Drinking Water Corporation, has accomplished a project related study and research in various phases.

With this, the metropolis is expected to materialise the denizens’ dream of ‘one home-one tap’ within some years.

Biratnagar Mayor Bhim Parajuli took leadership in expediting the initiative from the very beginning. In connection with the plan, the firstphase detailed project report and progress reports prepared by JICA were presented on yesterday.

The metropolis and JICA’s consultant Yachiyo Engineering Corporation Limited jointly accomplished the task.

A four-member delegation headed by representatives of JICA head office Yosiaki Yokota and Hirosi Kuwota had initiated its preparatory works in Biratnagar.

Noting that he has a dream of providing metropolitan denizens pure drinking as part of his campaign ‘one house, one tap’, mayor Parajuli said his team has concentrated all its efforts with confidence to that end.

The drinking water pipes which were installed more than 60-years ago are in dire straits. The denizens have been compelled to drink sub-standard water in some places due to unrepaired condition of the pipes.

It may be noted that 13 locals had lost their life in Biratnagar because of jaundice that apparently broke out after consumption of impure water.

Biratnagar’s Chief Administrative Officer Ekdev Adhikari called on all sides to expedite the tasks to materialise the plan of distributing pure drinking water to the households.