Innocent man taken for culprit

Khotang, January 24

Security personnel arrested an innocent man who had the same name as an absconding culprit in Khotang.

Police arrested Nar Bahadur Magar of Dikuwa on January 8 and released him on January 21 after confirming that he was innocent.

According to DSP Nabin Kishor Pradhan at District Police Office, security personnel were not at fault as the list sent by the court had Nar Bahadur Magar of Dikuwa written on it.

It was a simple misunderstanding due to names, he said.

District Court Khotang had sent a document related to the actual convict to the District Police Office on August 9 and he was remanded to custody on January 13.

The court, however, had mentioned the wrong address in the document. While the actual convict was from Dikuwa- 2, the document had Dikuwa-6 written by mistake.

“The mistake happened due to lack of the convict’s photograph and information of his three generations,” stated the court.

Meanwhile, Nar Bahadur said security personnel meted out physical punishment and tortured him while he was in custody despite being innocent.

Human rights activists have argued that it was blatant carelessness on the part of security personnel.