Int’l powers want monarchy, Shailaja quotes PM as saying

Kathmandu, September 22:

Nepali Congress leader Shailaja Acharya today claimed that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala had recently told her that the international powers wanted monarchy to stay in Nepal.

“Koirala told me that international powers including the UK, USA, India and China all want ceremonial monarchy in the country,” she said. International community’s role in Nepal can only rescue the country from the ongoing difficult situation, said Acharya.

Nepali, on its own, cannot resolve the problem, she said, however adding that foreign powers are also scheming the country.

The country will disintegrate into various parts if Nepal is declared a federal state,

she warned.

“I am totally against the Maoist agenda because it will divide the country into pieces,” she said at a function to pay tribute to Nepali Congress veteran leader Khadga B Karki who died thirteen days ago. She further said that she had reservations even when the 12-point-agreement between the Seven Party Alliance and Maoists was signed.