Kathmandu, February 1:

In what can be called a landmark decision, the National Human Rights Commission has decided to translate ‘Interim Constitution 2063’ into different indigenous languages.

The commission is all set to translate it into Bhojpuri, Abadhi, Tharu, Magar, Limbu, Bantawa, Chamling and other languages. “We have begun the process of translation,” said Dhruba Nepal, acting secretary of the commission. “Translation of important documents into indigenous languages is an effort to make it accessible for non-Nepali speakers and it can also be viewed as the state recognising indigenous languages as national languages,” he said.

The commission has already translated the Comprehensive National Peace Treaty into four languages, namely Maithali, Tamang, Newar and Gurung besides Nepali. The translation of the treaty into Tharu language will be completed by the second week of February. According to Nepal, the translated copies of the treaty are being distributed free of cost at the commission. He said the commission will take the help of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities and political parties for distribution of copies.