Internet boon for remote hospital

KHANDBARI: Sankhuwasabha District Hospital in Khandbari has started providing medical service through the Internet.

Dr Chumanlal Das, head, District Health Office (DHO), said the health workers contact medical experts through the internet as the government was unable to send practitioners with an specialisation to remote areas of the country.

According to DHO, the District Hospital sends the reports of the local patients through

the internet to the doctors at Patan Hospital, Lalitpur and treating the patients after

receiving experts’ recommendations. Under this scheme, various medical services for orthopedics, dermatology and gynaecology patients have become accessible.

The hospital has installed V-sat technology for the purpose. Dr Sushan Bhattarai of District Hospital said that the service was free of cost. He claimed that the services were effective as experts could be contacted through the internet for treating the patients.

In order to provide the service, the hospital has already installed the necessary equipment. Further the hospital introduced the hospital has introduced Voluntary to offer free counselling to the victims of HIV/AIDS and other STDs.

According to Roshan Shrestha, counsellor at the hospital, the service had the objectives of identifying the victims, controlling the disease and providing medicine free of cost to the patients.