Iron ore exploration team excited

Nawalparasi, March 22

Geologists involved in the study of perhaps the biggest deposit of iron ore in Dhaubadi-3, Pokhari, in Nawalparasi, are very excited.

“It’s a great thing to find such a huge mine in our country, We’re very excited to be a part of a team conducting a study here,” said geologist Narayan Baskota, describing the freshly found iron mine as the biggest in the country so far.

Baskota is part of a five-member geologists’ team that has been engaged in the detailed study of Pokhari area since March 10.

According to the team chief Narendra Maharjan, the team is doing necessary work at the mine site.

“Our work here will last for about a month. At present, we are doing channel sampling, geological survey and drilling,” informed the team chief.

A team led by Sarbajit Mahatto, director general at the Department of Mine and Geology has also been assigned to the site to oversee progress in the work of the team of geologists.

The mine spreads from Daubadi in the east to Namjakot in Deurali in the west and Rumsi in the south and Lhape of Naram in the north.

About five years ago, a team from the Department of Mine and Geology had found the iron ore deposit here.

Geologist involved in the study, have estimated that raw materials worth Rs 2.3 trillion can be produced from the mine stretching over 10 km.