Isolation centre empty


The coronavirus isolation centre at Yogi Naraharinath Yog and Naturopathy in Bharatpur Metropolitan City has been deserted after COVID-19 patients stopped visiting the centre.

“The isolation became empty as of the total 18 infected persons staying here, 15 recovered from the disease and left and three went for home-isolation,” said Dr Hemraj Koirala, executive director of the hospital.

“However, we have not closed the facility,” he said.

A small number of infected persons had feared staying at the isolation as it was located near a forest, he said. Starting from August 30, a total of 412 persons received service from the facility, he said, adding that the hospital was equipped to receive a large number of infected people (if any).

Bharatpur metropolis has been running the health facility that has the capacity to accommodate 90 infected people. Meanwhile, infected people were treated through regular exercise, yoga, fasting and diet.

Chitwan has recorded a total of 6,312 confirmed infection cases, said Dipak Tiwari, chief of the health office.

Of them, 101 succumbed to the infection and 5,920 have recovered from the virus. And 264 are in home-isolation and 27 in hospital isolation.