It’s time to agitate, say alliance leaders

Kathmandu, February 21:

CPN-UML standing committee member Bharat Mohan Adhikari today said the seven-party alliance, like in the past, should take initiatives to urge the Maoists to announce ceasefire while he asked the King to step down from the Chairman of the Council of Ministers if he has a little bit of faith in the Constitution.

“No one is in favour of violence. But the government’s denial to reciprocate the four-month Maoist ceasefire indicates the government wants to prolong violence,” Adhikari said while reiterating his stance of concentrating on the mass movement, which he argued was the one and only option to restore democracy in the country.

“Forget about what the King says, concentrate on movement,” he urged all sections of the society while speaking at the Reporters’ Club here today.

Adhikari clarified that the seven-party alliance was trying to go for a political settlement with the Maoists, and that the US and international communities need not worry.

Nepali Congress (NC) spokesperson Krishna Sitaula said the alliance should clarify and convince the international community that their effort was aimed at bringing the Maoists to the mainstream politics. Labelling the King’s statement ‘sugar coated poison’, Sitaula emphasised on the movement rather than going for dialogue with the King.

Saying that the King’s statement was “soft” towards the parties than in the past, NC Democratic) leader N P Saud said, “Now that the King has realised that he cannot move alone without the political parties.” He also asked the Maoists to be sincere towards implementing the 12-point understanding.

RPP (Thapa) leader Chandra Gurung urged the parties to give up their haughty attitude and go for dialogue with the King.