Itahari shops checked for irregularities


In its bid to control black-marketeering and to prevent artificial shortage of foodstuff, District Administration Office Sunsari has started inspecting the local shops and markets.

Representatives of the DAO, Itahari Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Food Laboratory, Office of Metrology and Quality Control and Consumer’s Forum visited a number of stores in Itahari to study the market practices.

“Our inspection has found that most of the shopkeepers are fleecing customers,” said Bed Khanal, administrative officer, DAO. “Most of them have not cared to put up price lists in their shops. Some products do not contain manufacturing and expiry dates as well.”

The team also found the merchants to be cheating on the weight of items. Grocery stores, bakery industries, juice shops and vegetable markets were looked into.

Food technicians said some items could pose a threat on the consumers’ health. “Some shopkeepers expressed ignorance about the existence of Consumers’ Rights Protection Act,” Tanka Dulal, chairman, Itahari Chamber of Commerce and Industries, said.

“The defaulters are told to correct themselves. They will be taken action against for a repeated instance,” Khanal said. Inspections in Dharan, Inaruwa and Duhabi areas of the districts are also in the pipeline, he said.