‘ITB curtails fundamental rights of people’

Kathmandu, February 25

Main opposition Nepali Congress lawmakers today registered an amendment proposal on the Information Technology Bill, stating that the bill’s provisions curtailed the fundamental rights of people and should be amended according to constitution provisions.

There were nine amendments registered by the NC and ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) lawmakers in the Parliament Secretariat.

Fourteen NC lawmakers led by Gagan Thapa said the bill curtailed the fundamental right of the people to freedom of expression and opinion and was hence against the spirit of the constitution.

The proposed amendment provisions say that the bill was brought with the aim of controlling misuse of social media.

As per the bill, all social network sites should be registered with the Department of Information. Similarly, the bill also states that the government can halt operation of social networking sites that are operating without registration.

The bill also provisions a fine of up to Rs 1.5 million or five years imprisonment, or both, for posting content that may pose a threat to the country’s sovereignty, national security, national unity and harmony depending on the nature of the offence.