Jail no bar for inndustrious individuals

DHANKUTA: A typical scene inside the Dhankuta prison reminds one of a cottage industry. The reason: Most prisoners here are busy making items such as dhaka topi (the Nepali cap), handkerchiefs and sweaters.

The jailbird generally send their products to their relatives as token of love during festivals. Prisoners Ganesh Gurung and Buddhiman Tamang can each weave as many as 15 dhaka topis every month. Each topi brings them a profit of Rs 50.

Sher Bahadur Thapa, another inmate, said handkerchiefs were produced in the largest number. “Though there is little profit per hanky, many make them to send to their dear ones,” he said.

Ratna Bahadur Tamang has an expertise in making bamboo tools, popularly known as

mudha. But the unavailability

of required materials has prevented him from producing what he desired.

According to Narendra Acharya, the jailor, Ganesh Gurung, Sher Bahadur Thapa and Buddhiman Tamang are other mudha-makers. “Besides using their time creatively, the prisoners are earning some money,” he added. Some have been sending money to their family.