Jajarkot locals deprived of health care in face of diarrhoea epidemic

Jajarkot, November 18

Locals in remote parts of Jajarkot have been deprived of basic health care services after a bulk of health workers were transferred to other places.

The transfer has left health posts at Paik, Nayakwada and Ragda VDCs without health workers at a time when diarrhoea has hit the villages. Posts of two auxiliary health workers have been lying vacant at the Ragda VDC-based health post since the transfer of erstwhile AHWs as per the decision of the Department of Health Services on November 15.

Health posts in Nayakwada and Paik VDCs have been facing a similar situation. Health posts in the district have been running with the help of auxiliary nurse midwives.

Over 20 health workers were transferred from various district-based health posts at once while the vacant posts have yet to be filled. With the transfer, the affected health facilities have closed the outpatient services. New health workers will be appointed at the health facilities once the results of the Public Service Commission are out.

Acute shortage of essential drugs 

PALPA: Government health facilities in Palpa district have been facing acute shortage of essential drugs for the past three months. The District Public Health Office reportedly failed to purchase essential medicines on time, thus leading to the shortage since mid-August. The patients have been forced to seek health services at costly private clinics. The DPHO has already begun the process of procuring necessary medicines and surgical equipment under the primary health service revival programme, shared information officer, Madhav Gyawali. However, the process is likely to take more than three months.