Jana Andolan-II victims set to get govt assistance

Kavre, November 2:

Money granted by the government under a life-long pension scheme for two youths injured during the Jana Andolan-II today arrived at the district administration office.

Banepa residents Mukesh Kayastha and Bikram Kapali have been sanctioned Rs 72,000 a year by the Peace and Reconstruction Ministry and the money has also been sent to the DAO, said chief accountant at the DAO Krishna Gyawali. He said Mukesh, who was more seriously injured, has been granted Rs 4,000 a month, while Bikram has been granted Rs 2,000 a month. Gyawali said Mukesh’s family also received Rs 750,000 sent by the government. Mukesh is still lying in a semi-comatose state.

CDO Kabi Raj Khanal said, “The pension money will be provided to them at the earliest.” The government has given Rs 950,000 in total for Mukesh’s treatment.

Mukesh was struck in the temple by a bullet while he was in his house at Teendobato in Banepa when police fired to disperse agitators during the uprising. Mukesh, 15, spent a year in Bir Hospital and another six months at the Bansbari-based neurological centre.

Mukesh was brought home in a semi-comatose state.