Jana Andolan-III if election not held, says Prachanda

Wants to become prez after polls

New Delhi, June 24:

In an interview to be aired on CNN-IBN tomorrow evening, Maoist chairman Prachanda says Nepal will witness Jana Andolan-III if the government failed to hold constituent assembly election in mid-November.

He also tells the interviewer, Karan Thapar, that his party will join the third mass uprising.

“The eight-party alliance is also sure to break in case the CA election is not held. This also means that the country will head towards anarchy,” Prachanda says in reply to a query on what Nepal’s political situation would be like if the election is not held in mid-November.

Saying that PM Girija Prasad Koirala is shielding the monarchy, he says the king is still hatching conspiracies.

“The PM has no clear vision on monarchy. His remarks on republic and monarchy are always confusing. When I met him five years ago, he agreed to phase out monarchy. Now, after all those assurances, he has begun to defend the institution covertly,” Prachanda says. “We are for total abolition of King Gyanendra and his feudal monarchy. However, Prime Minister Koirala has made it clear that he would stand by the institution. Sometimes, he talks of ceremonial monarchy and sometimes for a space for it. Now, he has come up with an idea of a minor king,” Prachanda says.

Saying that he wishes to become the president of the country with all executive powers, Prachanda says his dream will come true after securing a majority in the CA election.

He also says that his party would like to assess its relationship with the US and says steps would taken to consolidate ties.

On a query on whether he foresees a military coup given the strong ties Chief of Army Staff Rookmangud Katawal has with King Gyanendra, Prachanda says no.