Department of Archaeology seems to be serious in the matter of conserving and preserving the historic and religious ponds lying throughout the country. However, the Historic and religious ponds lie in and around Janakpurdham are on the brink of disappearing due to encroachment upon such ponds.

Most of the ponds in Janakpurdham, which consists of 72 have fallen a prey to human encroachment. Janakpurdham is renowned as an ancient town of ponds throughout the country.

Of them, Mushlisar, Akurkund, Shirdhwaj Drub, Amritsar and Kodhitayasar, which had historic and religious significance, have vanished from the scene.

Due to human encroachment and the contaminated water therein, the religious-minded people and devotees have been sorrowful.

However, ponds such as Ganga Sagar, Dhanusha Sagar, Aragajasar, Dasharatha Talau, Kapal Mochinisar, Vihar Kund and Bisaharasar seem to have been preserved somehow.

On the contrary, the existence of Chandrakupsar, Janak Sarovar, Ram Sagar, Laxman Akhada and Goddhoi are under threat because of human encroachment and haphazard constructions.

The local people seems to be indifferent at the construction of buildings on the banks of such ponds, the dumping of garbage into the ponds and the construction of huts and sheds on the land emanating due to piles of garbage.

It is said that during a topographic survey conducted in 2044 BS, the banks of several ponds have been registered in the names of individuals.

Some people, who owned just two Dhurs of land in 2044 BS, have encroached upon land up to one Katha in the periphery of such ponds, Jaya Prasad Regmi, head of Guthi and Tahasil office, Janakpurdham, established to look into the illegal encroachment of public land and protect such properties, recalls.

Meanwhile, talking to The Himalayan Times an executive member of Forum for Protection of Public Interest (Pro-public) and Taxonomist Prof Dr Ram Prasad Chaudhary said, " In behalf of Pro-public we have recently visited the ponds situated in Janakpurdham. During our visit, we came to remark that the local people along with even Mahant (priest) of Janaki temple are very much curious to help in the conservation of the religious and historical ponds of the place. If the ponds are protected, it will not only be important in the field of promoting tourism here but also help in controlling pollution." Pointing out to a book entitled Sustainable development and Public Capacity Building which deals with the ponds lie in Janakpur with their religious, touristy, and arch logical importance, he said. Dr Chaudhary who is also the editor of the book added that the book including the opinions of the local people in general is going to be released on 8th May 2002, by organising a programme in Janakpur. Expressing his hope towards the book he also said that the book in some context would be very similar to one of the profile of the ponds too.