Jha raodmap for local bodies:Minister talks tough; promises reforms

Nepalgunj, October 19:

Local Development Minister Ram Chandra Jha has pledged to bring those, who indulge in corruption in local bodies, under the purview of law.

Inaugurating a meeting in Nepalgunj today, the minister said many local-level development projects had remained on paper and funds meant for the commissioning of projects misappropriated.

“The government allocates funds for development projects. But such projects never see the light of the day,” said he.

Jha called on government employees to quit if they cannot deliver, reminding that democratisation, transparency and accessible service are key features of new Nepal. The minister called on employees of local bodies to work in line with the law of the land. “Don’t work under pressure of the Youth Force, Young Communist League or armed groups.

Nobody can harm you,” he said, informing that the government will bring special packages for employees working in remote zones.

Jha added that a provision will be introduced soon to channelise budget to Village Development Committees through District Development Committees. Under this provision, budget meant for each VDC will be deposited in each VDC’s account, he said, hoping that this provision will control corruption to a great extent.

The minister conceded that the absence of local bodies had affected service-seekers. Office-bearers of local bodies will be appointed on the basis of political consensus soon, he said.

“We will decide on the revival of local bodies after formal talks, which will be held after Tihar,” he said, claiming that certain quarters were hatching conspiracies to endanger the existence of local bodies.