Jhumka bazaar tense

Itahari, July 13:

A dispute between two groups of businessmen over the issue of the election today resulted

in tension in Jhumka bazaar of Sunsari. The two sides got into a dispute over Preet Narayan Chaudhari and Segen Chaudhari, candidates for the post of Jhumka Chambers of Commerce and Industries (JCCI) chairperson. The pro-Segen group, saying the election was not held on Thursday, torched documents in the JCCI office and locked the office. The Preet Narayan group, claiming that election could not be held in such a situation, closed the bazaar. Businessmen shut shops from the morning after both sides tried to attack each other.

Traders, demanding that the election be held in a free and fair manner, disrupted traffic around 3 pm.

Sunsari CDO Prem Narayan Sharma said the bazaar remained tense due to the reckless acts of some businessmen.