Jimmy Carter urges Nepal leaders to quickly resolve crisis

KATHMANDU: Former United States President Jimmy Carter urged the Nepali political leaders to quickly resolve differences over the new Constitution, claiming the political unrest marred post-quake reconstruction in the Himalayan nation.

Issuing a press statement from Atlanta on Friday, the Carter Center also called on the international community to "continue providing desperately needed humanitarian support to Nepal."

"Political deadlock has impeded government efforts to rebuild after the devastating April 2015 earthquake and has pushed the country close to a full-scale humanitarian crisis," the statement read, "A months-long blockade on goods entering Nepal has worsened problems, crippling the economy and creating severe shortages of food, medicine, and fuel."

“Millions of Nepali citizens have received little to no support from the government while trying to rebuild their lives after the earthquake, and millions more have been deprived of essential goods and services due to the ongoing political impasse,” the statement quoted Carter as saying. “It is imperative that Nepal’s political parties quickly reach political consensus while taking concrete steps to rebuild in order to prevent the current situation from becoming a full-scale humanitarian crisis."

"The international community should continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Nepal and help with plans for long-term reconstruction.”