Joint market monitoring team inspects traders in Baghkhor

Dadeldhura, September 6

A joint market monitoring team of Nepal police and Dadeldhura DAO today found traders overcharging customers and selling date-expired goods during market inspection at district headquarters Baghkhor and its adjoining areas.

Assistant Cheif District Officer Karunakar Awasthi said that more than one dozen grocery stores were found selling goods at exorbitant prices in Baghkhor.

“During inspection, one grocery store was found selling one kg musara pulse at Rs 120 while another shop was found selling the same pulse at Rs 150,” Awasthi said. It has been found that daily essentials imported from India are being overpriced.

The monitoring team seized date expired goods worth millions during inspection. Assistant CDO Awasthi said that date-expired spices, biscuits, chocolates and cooking oil had been seized and they would be destroyed.

Awasthi said that the team had warned overcharging traders not to fleece customers.

Khem Awasthi, secretary of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dadeldhura Chapter said that the monitoring team had urged more than one dozen fruit traders to get PAN numbers for their businesses.