Kathmandu, July 11:

The Nepali Congress (NC) Parliamentary Party (PP) meeting today ended on a sensational note with Govind Raj Joshi claiming that the rebels had procured arms from China. He said that the minister concerned must give the details.

“We have heard the Maoists have procured arms from China. This is a serious issue and the Home Minister must come up with the details,” Joshi told reporters.

He, however, did not elaborate on the issue after emerging from a stormy meeting which remained inconclusive even today.

Yet another issue which Joshi raised was the reported instances of the Maoist militia and fighters seen flashing weapons in public which is against the 25-point understanding.

While the party is yet to come to a policy decision on demands that Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula resign, NC lawmakers came up with three more proposals today.

A section of the parliamentarians has been baying for Home Minister Sitaula’s resignation.

The first proposal was to impeach Chief Commissioner of the Commission for the Investigation of the Abuse of Authority (CIAA) Surya Nath Upadhayay.

The latter is known to hit the headlines for his controversial moves on the issue of controlling corruption in public life. The second proposal is related to the need to publicise the report submitted by the Judicial Inquiry Commission on Property (JICP) to the erstwhile government.

However, the most important proposal which was tabled today demands revocation of the clause concerning dissolution of the House of Representatives in the 8-point understanding.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Sitaula defended himself over the 8-point controversy saying the House of Representatives will still be in place and deciding what to do while the nation forges ahead on the peace path.