JSP-N Saptari launches protest


Janata Samajbadi Party-Nepal Saptari has staged a protest voicing discontent over the dissolution of the House of Representatives.

A rally that started from the local Shiva temple made a round of the Rajbiraj town before arriving at Neta Chowk, where protesters burnt effigies of the prime minister and the president.

Participants of the rally chanted slogans against the PM and the president and sought the reinstatement of the Parliament and dropping charges against Resham Chaudhary and other leaders and cadres.

Speaking at a corner meeting held at the chairmanship of JSP-N leader Kedar Yadav, National Assembly member Mrigendra Kumar Singh Yadav, student leader Shambhu Yadav, National Student Association Chairperson Kishor Yadav and Nabait Jha, among others, accused the prime minister and the president of conspiring against republicanism and democracy.

“We can’t afford to let go of the achievements gained from such a huge sacrifice and would fight to protect them,” said the speakers.