PM KP Sharma Oli at International Buddhist Conference

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli addressing the International Buddhist Conference organised on the occasion of the 2560th Buddha Jyanti in the Capital on Thursday, May 19, 2016. Photo: RSS
NAWALPARASI: CPN-UML Chairman and the main opposition party leader KP Shaprma Oli has accused the judiciary system of failing to enlighten democracy in Nepal. He said so while addressing a rally in Gaindakot of Nawalparasi district today. Former PM Oli urged the Judiciary system is failing to provide justices, however requested the independent judiciary to maintain its integrity. "I prey to Goddess Durga to give eternal power to the justices to maintain the dignity and integrity of independent judiciary system of Nepal," Oli stressed. "Court gives verdict in favour of tearing of ballot papers, rules against the favour of innocent police officer, however UML is observing the situation and will always warns of such actions," Oli shared. He also accused the current ruling government of meddling in unnecessary things rather than engaging in the development of Nation. "This is the right time to lead the nation towards development and economic prosperity, however, the government is engaged in organised corruption," Oli lamented. He also sarcastically said to PM Deuba, "Being a PM once is more than enough to lead the country towards development, does it really does not require to be PM four times," Oli questioned. UML leader also accused PM Deuba of playing a drama by expanding biggest cabinet in the nation. "The poor country like ours cannot afford to have these many ministers in the cabinet," Oli irked. The main opposition leader Oli also accused the current government of surrendering to external forces to remain in power, which has ultimately put the national sovereignty in jeopardy. He also pointed out that the fringe parties are joining the government just to extend the government lives, at a time when the government should have been involved in economic development and implementation of constitution in the nation. Oli also claimed that UML and NC are the two biggest parties in the nation and urged the public to choose the right party to lead the nation towards prosperity and development.