Junior police officers to wear hi-tech insignia too

KATHMANDU: General public will now see even the SI and ASI — non-gazetted ranks in Nepal Police — donning dazzling metallic insignia

on their shoulder straps and digital ID card on the chest.

The new provision came into effect last week.

DIG Bigyan Raj Sharma, spokesperson, NP, said the move was meant to bolster the morale of the junior rank personnel and to bring about newness in the department. “Dress speaks volumes so the metallic insignia will act as a refreshing agent for the officials,” he explained. It will be implemented in the Kathmandu Valley in the first phase.

The rust-free metallic badge remains radiant for at least three years. But a cotton insignia fades away soon with exposures to sunlight and laundry. Eligible SIs and ASIs have already collected their respective ID cards and insignias from the police Headquarters.

“It’s part of the office uniform while combat dress and Chusta will retain cotton badges,” informed DIG Sharma. The blue flooring on the shoulder strap will carry the gold metallic insignia atop.

The move is expected to curb criminal activities performed in the guise of police officials as embroidering a cotton badge is easier. “Furthermore, it will enhance their realisation of patriotism, uniformity and make them more dutiful,” said Sharma.

The machine-readable digital ID cards bear hi-tech barcode, enabling the department to identify officials in the event of breaching the law. Officials below the rank of Inspectors used to display papery ID card with their photos affixed.

Earlier, only the gazetted officers — ranging from Inspector to Inspector General — would get to wear a metallic insignia. The police are preparing to gradually issue metallic badges and machine-readable IDs to district-based officials.