#JusticeForNirmala trends on Twitter

KATHMANDU: Citizens' initiative #JusticeForNirmala is currently trending on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The hashtag has taken the social media by storm after Twitter users automatically reacted to the state's recklessness and negligence towards the increasing number of rape cases, followed by murder in many instances.

The users have been using the hashtag to express their dissatisfaction, raise awareness, and seek justice for Nirmala Panta along with many other rape victims, whose perpetrators are at large and are yet to be brought under the law.

Nirmala Panta, a 13-year-old girl of Bhimdatta Municipality in Kanchanpur district, had been found at a sugarcane farm brutally murdered after being raped on July 27. Police had arrested a 41-year-old man on the charge of raping Nirmala.

However, the locals have been protesting that the alleged man is not the true perpetrator and have been demanding to either bring the real criminal to justice or bring proof against the arrested.

Meanwhile, social media users actively voicing out their opinions against the recent increased report of rapes have called for a peaceful citizens' march to draw the state's attention towards delivering justice to countless voiceless victims of sexual violence, on Saturday noon at Maitighar


Any and all girls should never be a prey to Criminals.

Nation has got a duty to protect the easy targets.

Punish the Criminals.

— Tanka Khanal (@TASIBO) August 23, 2018

Why are the high profiles defeaningly silent on rape? When will rape begin to be seen as heinous? Until it happens to one of their own? #justicefornirmala

— aashika (@aashikapokharel) August 24, 2018

Every daughter raped anywhere in the world shreds the heart into a million pieces. There is anguish, there is anger, there is pain, there is hatred. Rapists are a species beyond repair, beyond mercy, beyond the realms of forgiveness! #JusticeForNirmala

— KarishmaChhatrapati (@The_KYouC) August 23, 2018

We demand justice for rape victims. We urge the government to punish the guilty. We condemn any attempt to shield or protect rapists and murderers. #JusticeForNirmala #RageAgainstRape

— Pragya Lamsal (@pragyalamsal) August 23, 2018

The meaning of justice is now lost amidst the state and with still the voice of shattered soul haunting us Nepalese, please raise the voice against rape and please stop such detrimental soul shattering crime. The Government shall rise now. Its time for Justice.#JusticeForNirmala

— रबिन थापा (@rabinth007) August 23, 2018

#Rape & 'Child Abuse' are not just issue, these r epidemics of the modern #society. Instead of reflecting on reasons & trying to correct thm what ensues is blame games, candle lights and faint outcries only to fall on deaf ears. When will there be true justice? #JusticeForNirmala pic.twitter.com/YAU3wfrFuZ

— Tony M (@Xplore_TonyM) August 23, 2018

We have been failed for justice in Nirmala rape case. This is shame for dignity of our nation, shame for all of us .#JusticeForNirmala

— sapana phuyal (@SapanaPhuyal) August 24, 2018

#RageAgainstRape is what your sisters, daughters, nieces or the girl that you get get your tea served want to hear from you! Nirmala is just another of those thousands of cases! #JusticeForNirmala

— Sanam Chitrakar (@ChitrakarSanam) August 23, 2018


Why do we always have to start a hashtag trend on Twitter for a heinous crime like rape? Why do people ALWAYS have to beg for justice? Why is this Nepali Government and authorities so useless? @Hello_Sarkar, can you please take necessary actions? Context: #JusticeforNirmala

— Lucifer (@Stewie0424) August 23, 2018

Who are the real culprits of rape?

1. Police: Weaken the rape cases

2. Judiciary: Delays/denies justice

3. Politicians: Protect perpetrators

4. Society: Victimizes the victims #RageAgainstRape #JusticeForNirmala

— Nirjana Sharma (@NirjanaSharma) August 24, 2018


The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them. - Lois McMaster Bujold #JusticeForNirmala

— Sumiran Acharya (@Sumach84) August 23, 2018


Police, judiciary n society as a whole fail rape victims. Hostile police n their shoddy investigations, unsympathetic forensic examinations n weak prosecutions deny justice. Deep-rooted conservatism, lack of counselling n victim-blaming add insult to the injury#JusticeforNirmala

— Binod Dhakal (@BinodDhakal75) August 24, 2018


If we don't speak now, we will somehow be the consequences of another rape happening in the society. Speak for your safety and someone else's precious life. I say, those rapists should be hanged till death.#JusticeforNirmala

— Pluto ! (@aneekarma) August 23, 2018


It's everyone's duty to come forward and raise your voice against Injustice to little girl Nirmala Pant. Your small effort can make a difference. Rapist should be hanged.#SayNoToRape#JusticeforNirmala

— Messi Thalal (@imthalal13) August 24, 2018