KAHS prepares ventilator and defibrillator for Dr Govinda KC

Kathmandu, July 14

Karnali Academy of Health Sciences has kept on standby kits and medicines required for emergency ventilator, as the health condition of senior orthopaedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC deteriorates into the 15th day of his fast-unto-death.

According to Dr Pujan Rokaya, medical director at KAHS, after observing abnormal changes in Dr KC’s heart beat in the morning, doctors decided to be prepared for emergency. He informed that ventilator and defibrillator (a device that gives high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest to someone in cardiac arrest) were kept on standby where Dr KC is on hunger strike. Required drugs are also ready.

Issuing a press release today, KAHS said it was capable of providing emergency treatment to Dr KC in at KAHS in Jumla.

Dr Rokaya informed that Dr KC, he has been diagnosed with two serious health problems — decrease in white blood cell count  and throat infection. “Anything can happen to him as he is not in a position to fight infections. Dr KC has throat pain and irritation, cough and his voice has undergone change,” said Dr Rokaya. “Dr KC had rejected antibiotic injections. The nerves of his wrist from where saline was being injected have also become infected and started swelling.”

Dr Jivan Chhetri, an aide to Dr KC, who arrived in Kathmandu from Jumla today, told The Himalayan Times that Dr KC had lost nine kg.

Angered by the government’s delay in forming a talks committee, Dr KC has refused to undergo regular health check-up. “We couldn’t get detailed information about his health condition due to his refusal,” Dr Chhetri said.