Thapa fears impact of failure to address Madhes crisis

Gaighat, June 22

Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chairperson Kamal Thapa today said failure to address the Madhes crisis in time might be detrimental to national security.

Speaking at a party-organised election meeting in Udayapur’s Gaighat today, the RPP leader harked back to the past, and said, “Just as the Maoist revolution had started from our failure to address their grievances in time, we never know the current Madhes crisis may as well fester and take such form that our national unity and security will be at stake.”

Further, berating the major political parties and their leaders for inviting foreign meddling in  internal affairs, Thapa went on to accuse the parties of running a political syndicate in the country. “A select few parties have been running syndicate of sorts in the name of democracy for years; that’s why the people are unable to experience democracy in the real sense till date,” he said.

The pro-Hindu leader bemoaned the crisis facing the age-old Hindu religion and culture of the land. “Now that the country has been declared secular, our own culture and traditions have come under great threat, unless we stop such encroachment on our heritage, it’s sure that our religion will be consigned to history,” he said.

The RPP leader also dwelt on the unemployment facing the country and lack of development, blaming these on the major parties and their preference of power to development and well-being of the country and people.