Kamal Thapa says RPP-N not to ditch its agendas

KASKI: Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal Chairman and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Kamal Thapa urged the party cadres not to be diverted from the party's agenda.

In a meeting of his party cadres here today, Chairman Thapa clarified that his party's agendas were not left behind in the name of participating in the government. He urged the cadres to garner more support from the people for establishing them.

The RPP-Nepal Chairman added that participating in the government would help the party establish their agendas. He further said that though his party had an immense support of public for their agendas, they were compelled to accept the Constitution without ensuring them.

He further urged the party cadres to expand the party organisation increasing the number of supporters.

In another context, Chairman Kamal Thapa added that the 12-point pact signed in New Delhi between the then seven-party alliance and the then CPN-Maoist created the troubles the nation was facing after that.

Similarly, he added that the RPP-N would take initiatives to resolve the problems and maintain the national integrity and sovereignty, noting his party was formed for the same purpose during the critical time.