Kanchanpur local body employees hit streets for permanent status

KANCHANPUR: Employees of local bodies in Kanchanpur district have come to the streets demanding the permanent status to those around 6,000 employees working on the temporary or the contract basis.

Employees of local bodies including the District Development Committee, municipalities and VDCs launched the protest by fastening black bands around their heads from Tuesday.

Their other demands include ensuring facility and career development of the employees and prioritising employees working on the permanent, the temporary and the contract basis in arranging employees and their adjustment in to-be-restructured local bodies.

Chairman of the Kanchanpur Local Body Employees Association, Prem Bogati, said the management of employees should be based on seniority, qualification and evaluation of performance.

Likewise, those who do not opt for adjustment should be provided with an option of retirement with special facilities, he said.

"We will not withdraw the protest until our demands are met," he said.

Various organisations including the Local Employees Association, Nepal Municipality Employee Association Bhimdatta Municipality, Nepal Municipality Association Dodhara Chandani Municipality, Nepal Municipality Employee Association Punarbas Municipality and the VDC Employee Association voiced their solidarity with the agitation.