Kanchanpur man submits himself to work for Rs 500 a month

KANCHANPUR: We will be surprised to know that a government employee's monthly salary is as meagre as Rs 500.

An office assistant appointed at the Dharampur-based Community Health Unit of Bedkot Municipality of Kanchapur has been receiving Rs 500 as a monthly allowance.

The employee, Anjan KC, who was recently appointed as a helper in the office, has been receiving Rs 500.

The District Public Health Office had sought applications for the job with monthly salary not to exceed Rs 8,000. KC had filed the application seeking the job at the lowest allowance and gained access as the office assistant for a monthly salary fixed at Rs 500.

Acting Chief of the Health Office, Hajari Chand, said KC was appointed as the office assistant for accepting the job for the lowest salary.

A total of eight persons had filed applications for the job in which one had proposed to work for free. The Office, however, rejected the person's request for the cost-free job.

KC said he took up the job for the lowest allowance with hopes that it would increase in the future and he would gain a permanent job with the government agency.