Kanchanpur Prison houses three times more jailbirds than capacity

DHANGADI: Kanchanpur District Prison has been holding three times more prisoners than its capacity.

It has been reported that the overcrowding of jailbirds at the prison is attributed to the poor management of the District Prison department.

Although the prison has the capacity of holding 95 prisoners only, a total of 318 prisoners have been forced into the prison. According to Prison Department Chief Shyam Raj Bhatta, prisoners have been accommodated in the building wherever possible; even in the gallery section of the prison.

The jailbirds as many as possible have been accommodated in the main building established about 44 years ago and the rest of them in makeshift tents and in the galleries and kitchen.

Chief Bhatta said, after receiving a sum of Rs 200,000 promised by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law under Sudur-Paschim provincial government for the prison management, the prison would invest additional Rs 300,00 to construct a metal-roofed building.