Kanchanpur rape case investigation nearing conclusion, official says

DHANGADHI: The investigation into the recent rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl in Kanchanpur has neared its conclusion, a law enforcement officer says amid growing public discontent over delay in arresting the guilty.

According to Superintendent of Police Dilli Raj Bista at District Police Office, Kanchanpur, apart from few technical and medical facts which are yet to be ascertained, the investigation into the case is in its last phase.

Our investigation shows that the minor was raped by a single offender not a group, said Bista, however, refuting to disclose details as it might affect the investigation in an unwanted way.

“Police are constantly monitoring the main suspect,” SP Bista informed, “We cannot go public at present because there are evidences which are yet to be empirically asserted.”

Echoing the SP, Chief District Officer Kumar Bahadur Khadka also said that the police investigation was moving towards a conclusion.

At present more than two dozen law enforcement officers including a special team from Central Investigation Bureau led by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Angur GC are on the case. Meanwhile, Kanchanpur is witnessing a public furore over delay in bringing the guilty to justice.