Kapilvastu folks fall ill from garbage

KAPILVASTU: The residents of Kapilvastu Municipality have been falling sick due to unmanaged garbage and sewage system.

According to District Hospital Taulihawa, patients infected with cholera, jaundice, common cold, malaria, typhoid, diarrhoea have been increasing. Dr Raj Kumar Chaudhary of the district hospital informed that at least 70 patients visit hospital daily for treatment.

The entire vicinity of the municipality is stinking because of piling heaps of garbage on the streets and market places and lack of proper drainage.

A local Ramakant Gupta said pedestrians were compelled to walk covering their nose. "Many people have fallen sick due to increasing garbage in the street," he added.

Meanwhile, employees of the municipality said that they could not resume their job as the government was not serious towards their demands.

Employees of local bodies had halted all the activities of their offices demanding permanent status, providing salary and other benefits at par with employees of bureaucracy last month.

Though the agitating employees had resumed offices after stern instruction by the government, they have been indifferent in carrying out their responsibilities and duties.

Local Gopal KC complained that their repeated pleas to the municipality for garbage and sewage management had fallen on deaf ears.

Human rights activist Rabindra Thakur blamed that Kapilvastu was lagging behind in development and construction due to incompetence of the municipality's projects and strategies.

However, executive officer of the municipality Niranjan Shrestha mentioned that it was not possible to keep the city neat and clean with municipality's solo efforts. "All the residents of the municipality have to be responsible to keep their areas clean," He added.

Shrestha revealed that municipality was mulling over devising master plan for the garbage and drainage water management.