Kavre district prison bursting at the seams

Kathmandu, November 4

Kavre district prison in Dhulikhel is housing inmates four times its normal capacity.

Used as a stable in the Rana regime, the prison, which is now in dilapidated state, is currently housing 244 prisoners against its normal capacity to house 60 inmates.

The facility is built in a 3.5 ropanis land area, half of which is being used for office purpose. Due to the congested space, the prison lacks proper accommodation and facilities for inmates such as toilet, kitchen and water supply. Many prisoners are forced to share rooms.

An officer at the prison said, “Homely environment cannot be expected in a prison. At times, prisoners have to share their room with fellow inmates. The main thing is, we have been able to maintain harmony among the prisoners in the jail.”

The facility also lacks proper segregation of inmates who come from different criminal backgrounds. Some of them are even schizophrenics. Due to this, there are chances of quarrels and fights breaking out among them.

The inmates are also prone to accidents in the overcrowded jail.