KC rules out change of guard prior to statute

BIRATNAGAR: Nepali Congress spokesperson Arjun Narsingh KC today said that his party was not in favour of ousting the incumbent coalition government before the promulgation of the constitution.

Brushing aside the discontents within the party about the performance of the incumbent government, he reiterated that that the NC would continue to support the coalition.

Speaking at a meet organised by the Nepal Press Union Morang chapter in Biratnagar, KC said, "If the political parties indulged in the game of forming and toppling the government, it would be impossible to manage the Maoist combatants and promulgate the constitution on the specified time."

KC, however, maintained that NC would not participate in the Maoist-led government unless the Maoist combatants were integrated and rehabilitated. He said that changing the government was not the institutional decision of Nepali Congress, though. "Central Committee has the mandate to decide on any issue," KC added.

KC reiterated that NC would continue its support to the UML-led government.

On the convention of the party, he said that NC was committed to holding it and taking the peace process to logical end. He, however, admitted that discontents within the party were growing about the performance of the incumbent government.

Responding to queries regarding the government's decision to block the Maoist combatants' salaries, KC said, "The government is mulling over blocking the perks as the UCPN-M has been misusing the salaries of the combatants." Claiming that though 19 thousand combatants had been verified by the UNMIN, only 10 thousands combatants are in the cantonments currently, he said that the government had policy of providing remunerations to those inside the cantonments.

However, he expressed commitment that the government would grant all the facilities to the combatants as per the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.