Khas Kshetri society announces stir plan

BIRATNAGAR: Khas Kshetri Unity Society made its protest programme public in a press conference in Biratnagar today.

The society has been protesting accusing the state of depriving them of state facilities by enshrining the community under “other group” in the Interim Constitution.

As per the protest plan, they will submit memorandum to the government, organise symbolic strike and regional general assembly in the Eastern Development Region.

Durga Prasai, central chairman of the society said that their distinct identity has to be guaranteed in the constitution and the people of all caste and ethnicity should have equal rights. “We do not want only our identity, but we want the government to ensure the identity of all caste and group,” she added.

She also warned that they would picket Singha Durbar if their demands were not met.