Khotang municipality endorses education regulation

Khotang, January 13

Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality endorsed an educational regulation in a bid to establish the municipality as an educational hub in Khotang.

The educational regulation was prepared in coordination with educational experts, social activists, political leaders and professionals related to education sectors of all the 15 wards of the municipality. As per the regulation, higher education will be available in all streams and levels within the municipality.

Mayor Dip Narayan Rijal said that students would be able to study the subject of his/her choice in the district and they would also ensure the quality of education which would attract students of other districts as well.

As per the central education act and regulation a municipal education committee is formed in each municipality, however, Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality has a provision of forming a strong education committee in each ward and it will be given freedom to work on its own.

“As the ward office remains in touch with schools, teachers, head teachers, and over all academic activities of the ward, the education regulation to form powerful ward education committee is issued. The committee will be responsible to draft educational plans of the ward. Likewise, it will be recommending teachers for reward and punishment to the municipal education committee,” said Mayor Rijal. He claimed that the implementation of the education regulation would be highly effective as teachers, academicians and guardians among other stakeholders were actively involved in the process of regulation drafting.

The regulation, which was prepared in more than a month, has stated that the municipality itself operates a few schools and colleges. “We want to begin the delivery of quality education from the municipality itself. Hence, we take the ownership of some schools and colleges ourselves and impart quality education,” said Social Development Coordinator of the municipality Bikash Rai.

The education regulation of the municipality has stated that it would provide parturition leave to the teachers of the schools in the municipality as per the rules for civil servants.

As per the regulation, each new mother will be provided with 98 days leave and Rs 5,000 cash allowance. Male teacher will also be provided with 15 days leave to take care of the new mother.

Meanwhile, the municipality has provisioned Master’s in Education, a mandatory qualification, to become head teacher of a secondary school. Teachers are strictly prohibited from smoking and drinking alcohol during school time, besides, holding any position of a political force.

The municipality has stated that it would honour the best teacher, best head teacher and best school of the municipality every year.