Kidnapped child found dead in Parsa

BIRGUNJ: Nine-year-old Ankit Kumar Shah of Simara Sub Metropolis, Bara, who was kidnapped one-and-a-half months ago has been found murdered.

Bara Police has concluded that the child was killed after his abduction on June 5.

An unidentified group forcibly picked him up near his house at Jitpur while the child was playing.

Bara police’s conclusion was based on statements given by one Ajay Patel who was recently arrested from Sikta Bazar of Bihar, India, for his alleged involvement in the abduction and murder of a child found buried near the Gandak Canal at Jagarnathpur of western Parsa, yesterday.

According to Bara Deputy Superintendent of Police Ranjeet Singh Rathaur, the body had decayed and it was not possible to retrieve it fully. Only some bone parts and teeth were extracted from the body for DNA test.

The second accused in the killing, Ram Prabesh Shah of Ranighat, Birgunj, who was arrested during the investigation, informed to police where the body was buried.

It may be noted that the Shah family paid a ransom of Indian rupees 1.5 million to the kidnappers. However, the police are waiting for the DNA test report for further confirmation. The facial traits of the body are similar to that of the child.

However, Jitpur folks have accused the police of failing to deal with the case effectively.