Kidnapped child rescued

Kathmandu, January 27:

Maoists and players associated with the Nepal Kwan Mukwan Association today rescued three-year-old child Arman Koshal, son of heart specialist Dr Deepak Koshal, who was kidnapped from the rented flat of Koshal at mid-Baneshwor on January 24.

Dr Koshal said four persons came to his rented house on January 24 in guise of a heart patient and attendees. “They pointed pistols at me and asked for valuables.” Along with cash worth Rs 24,000, golden jewellery, digital camera and other valuables, the group kidnapped his son with them.

On January 24 evening, the kidnappers called at his home, identified themselves as Maoists and asked for a ransom of Indian Rs 5 million for the release of his child. Dr Koshal informed police. Janak Subedi, martial arts teacher of the child, asked the Maoists if their men kidnapped the child. With the information, Maoists also began their investigation on it. “I got calls from Delhi, Hyderabad, Hong Kong and callers sought ransom. The kidnappers yesterday asked Dr Koshal to come to Hyatt with money. Dr Koushal was escorted by Maoist cadres and Karatekas in 12 motorbikes and four micros where kidnappers asked him to come with money.”

“The kidnappers asked Dr Koushal to continue talking on cell phone and come to Hyatt. When we reached Hyatt Regency Hotel, they asked Dr Koshal to go to Thapathali. They again asked him to go to Kathmandu Mahal and finally to go to Everest Hotel at Baneshwor. We were following Dr Koshal for his safety and safe release of the child. When the kidnappers came on motorcycle and extended their hands for money, we tried to hack them but they managed to flee,” Siyaram Karki, Karate player, said.

“But, this morning, police said the child was been found at Gaushala. The police told us that a taxi driver handed over the child to the police station yesterday.”